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If you’re looking to get started with Scen-ties wholesale and want a complete package, our Starter Packs come with everything you need to start selling at your business.


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Item ID #DescriptionPrice Per UnitMinimum Units Per OrderShipping
SND01(42) Five Packs including 6 of each (7) flavors + (6) Hook Display$125.001Variable, contact us
SND02(84) Five Packs including 12 of each (7) flavors + (12) hook two tier display + 14 free single Scen-ties samples$250.001Free!
SND03(50) Five Packs including 10 of each flavor +
(6) Hook Display
$150.001Variable, contact us
SNT01(1) Five Pack Strawberry$3.006Variable, contact us
SNT02(1) Five Pack Cotton Candy$3.006Variable, contact us
SNT03(1) Five Pack Bubblegum$3.006Variable, contact us
SNT04(1) Five Pack Vanilla Cupcake$3.006Variable, contact us
SNT05(1) Five Pack Sour Apple$3.006Variable, contact us
SNT06(1) Five Pack Brownie Sundae$3.006Variable, contact us
SNT07(1) Five Pack Watermelon$3.006Variable, contact us