Scen-ties™ Stretch and Sniff Hair Ties

Stretch ‘Em

SCEN-TIES has a patent pending consumer activated pull tag that our happy scent loving wearers use to stretch them which activates and intensifies the delicious smells embedded in our SCEN-TIES. We use the same technology used in Scratch n Sniff stickers but instead of scratching  them we Stretch Em. Find your ideal amount of fragrance in our SCEN-TIES. Stretch em a little or stretch em a lot you can’t go wrong with our yummy scents!

Sniff ‘Em

Scent is one of the most powerful of our five senses. Smelling a fragrance can evoke a wide range of emotions in people. We use innovative technology called microencapsulation to add fun, savory fragrances to our SCEN-TIES. We’ve started our collection with kid favorite scents like Strawberry, Cotton Candy and Bubblegum. All of our fragrances have been created to comply with The International Fragrance Association Standards.

Wear ‘Em

SCEN-TIES are a fun twist on a very common existing product – an elastic hair tie. It is similar to the Goody and Scunci brand elastics that girls and women wear every day in their hair and also on their wrists just in case they lose one or decide to change their hairstyle during the day.  Each elastic has a tag that showcases an icon of the scent on it. So, whether she’s sporting her SCEN-TIE in her hair or on her wrist the world will know she’s not just wearing a hair tie – she’s wearing a SCEN-TIE!

Share ‘Em

After conducting focus group research last summer it became apparent that SCEN-TIES are both a collectible and tradable item. Girls were willing to share their SCEN-TIES with each other and equally interested in holding onto certain special scents to keep just for themselves.